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                                                             1989        In 1989
                                                                         In 1989
                                                                         STETSOM Began its career in the auto sound industry
                                                                         with its first amplifier, the AMX-5, a booster 2 channels
                                                                         50 Watts.

       1999-2000                                 1999
       In 1999 The company launched the best-selling
       line boosters in the history of Brasilian Car Audio,
       the CL line and because of it, in 2000 Stetsom starts
       to export your products Central and Latin America.

                                                             2002            2002

                                                                             STETSOM launches its line of crossovers,
                                                                             mixers, noise suppression filters.

         SPL - World Record                        2007
         STETSOM hits the SPL world record in the United
         States, being the first Brazilian brand amplifiers to
         achieve such a feat. The brand becomes prestigious
         and globally recognized opening doors to its exports
         to over 45 countries.

                                                              2018            ISO 9001:2015

                                                                              The year of innovation: Stetsom is now certified by
                                                                              ISO 9001:2015 and launches the monster of the
                                                                              SPL: the SPL Line

                                                                                     TO BE CONTINUED...
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