The Law No. 13,709/2018 – General Data Protection Law (LGPD in Portuguese, as for Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados) aims to protect fundamental rights of freedom and privacy, as well as the free development of the natural person’s personality, and therefore protects personal data (sensitive or not). Sensitive data are those concerning racial or ethnic origin, political, religious, or philosophical opinions, genetic, biometric data, and information about the person’s health or sexual orientation. Non-sensitive data are those capable of identifying someone, such as: I) name; II) ID; III) CPF (or any another taxpayer identification number); IV) address; V) date of birth, etc.

Thus, the LGPD focuses on creating a secure environment for this data, bringing regulations and standards that must be followed by all those who process data, which consists of: I) collection; II) production; III) reception; IV) classification; V) use; VI) access; VII) reproduction; VIII) transmission; IX) distribution; X) processing; XI) archiving; XII) storage; XIII) deletion; XIV) evaluation or control of information; XV) modification; XVI) communication; XVII) transfer, dissemination, or extraction of personal data.

For data processing to occur, it is mandatory for the data subject to give their consent, thus initiating the process of processing personal data.

STETSOM INDUSTRIA ELETRÔNICA LTDA constantly seeks to comply with data protection and information security standards, which is why it requests all users of its platforms to accept the collection of data through cookies and other means, in all contacts made by third parties with the company.

Don’t worry, all personal data collected by Stetsom is treated securely, as required by the LGPD and other norms regarding information security.

It’s important for you to know that we provide a whistleblowing channel so that if there is any incident of data leakage, you can contact us directly so that actions can be taken. Therefore, in case of complaints or doubts regarding the General Data Protection Law, just contact us via email at

All complaints forwarded through the channel are strictly confidential.

Upon receipt of the complaint, an investigation procedure is immediately initiated within 30 (thirty) days.