The STM 1206 sound mixer was developed to provide high performance and sound fidelity with very low noise levels and harmonic distortion.

It is ideal for anyone who wants precise settings to produce professional sound.


Balanced microphone inputs with XLR connectorsCanais 1 e 2
Balanced line inputs with ¼ "TRS connectors (P10)Canais 1 e 2
Line inputs with ¼ "TRS connectors (P10)Canais 3, 4, 5, e 6
Line inputs with RCA connectorsCanais 3 e 4
Outputs with ¼ "TRS connectors (P10)2 - Main Out
RCA Output2 - Main Out
Resposta em frequência @-3dB:1Hz – 75KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion<0,01%
Signal to Noise110dB
MIC input sensitivity, Channels 1 and 2 (Gain Pos.)Min: 840mV | Max: 14mV
LINE input sensitivity, Channels 1 and 2 (Gain Pos.)Min: 1,8V | Max: 26mV
LINE input sensitivity, Channels 3 to 6 (Gain Pos.)Min: 1,9V | Max: 45mV
Equalization bands per channelLow ±15dB (80Hz) | Mid Low ±15dB (500Hz) | Mid High ±15dB (3K5Hz) | High ±15dB (12KHz)
Impedance of the inputs of channels 1 and 2Mic (XRL): Desbalanceada 4KOhms | Balanceada 8KOhms | Linha (P10): Desbalanceada 8,5KOhms |
Balanceada 17KOhms
Impedance of the inputs of channels 3 to 6Linha (P10): Desbalanceada 85KOhms | Linha (RCA): Desbalanceada 95KOhms
Impedance OutputMain Out (P10/RCA): 47R | Aux Out (P10): 47R
Maximum level of outputsMain Out (P10/RCA): 16 dBu/4,9Vac | Aux Out (P10): 16 dBu/4,9Vac
Supply Voltage9 – 16 Vdc (Conector DC)
Consumption Highest350mA
Remote Input9 – 16 Vdc (Conector DC)
Remote Output Maximum Current350 mA (Conector DC)
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm196,5x46,5x199,5 mm
Weight Kg0,93 Kg